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Easy Company is based around commemorating the warriors of the 101st airborne division of World War II. 

We are a collection of passionate PC gamers with a knack for military history and tactical shooters. We operate through discord and are made up of individuals from around the world. 

Easy Company prides itself on creating a fun and accepting environment for all, therefore maturity, communication and competency are required. Skill is not required as we believe that teamwork and coordination triumphs above kill counts and K/D Ratios.

We’re Easy Company 506th PIR, a globally recognized Gaming Team. Our growing popularity stems from our level of commitment to each game and tournament we’re part of, and our dedication to success. Our victories wouldn’t be possible without our passionate fans, who are always there to support us. Make sure you don’t miss us at our next competition!

Our Partners:

Periscope Games
Sinister eSports

Charity Events
Save The Airborne Museum
Sat, Jun 27
Easy Server
Jun 27, 3:30 PM PDT
Easy Server
Charity event to help raise funds for The Airborne Museum!

Our Servers

Easy Company own and maintain all of our own servers. Below is the list of the servers we currently own!

Post Scriptum

Official Partner!

Hell Let Loose




Arma 3


War Thunder


Rising Storm 2



Our Leaders



Lt. Col



Lt. Col


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